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Living Eczema-Free: Creams and Lotions for Severely Sensitive Skin

This condition of inflammation of the skin due to contact of a foreign substance is known as contact dermatitis. People with food allergies can find it to be very frustrating trying to figure out what is causing the eczema. People with eczema may be more prone to contact dermatitis, so knowing what to use is […]

Disadvantages of a Low-Carb Diet

Low-carb diets have been popular for years as a way to lose weight quickly. Aside from quick weight loss, the benefits of a low-carb diet include: lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and decreased triglycerides. Although there are proven short-term benefits in following a low-carb diet, there are major disadvantages to restricting all carbohydrates. Health […]

Low Carb Diets Aid Weight Loss

As we are all different, no one particular diet suits everyone. However, one thing is becoming clear from recent studies: too many people are eating too many refined carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, rice, potatoes and breakfast cereals. Although often touted as ‘wholesome’, many of these foods disrupt blood sugar and insulin levels which in […]

Natural Age Spot Treatments

Brown spots that appear from excessive sun exposure are often called “age spots” or “liver spots” are patches of melanin often seen on the hands. Age spots are usually not a health problem but should be monitored for any change: as very rarely they can be an indication of skin cancer. Preventing Age Spots Prevention […]