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Violin Lessons for Kids

When looking for violin lessons for children, it is important to understand that violin teachers use different methods that place different expectations on student and parent. Although many teachers use a blended method, below are descriptions of three methods that are commonly used in violin lessons. Suzuki Violin Shin-ichi Suzuki coined the term “Mother Tongue” […]

Why Get a University Philosophy Degree?

A university philosophy degree or major attracts jobs and provides a greater chance of entry into business and law school, as reported by several leading organizations, schools and labor market statistics. Why are philosophy graduates so popular to employers? Graduates from university philosophy programs have several key attributes that are attractive to the workforce including: […]

Teaching Religion in Public High Schools

There are many good reasons why religion should be taught in the high schools. The quantitative study of religion addresses the need for ethics education in high schools. Additionally, cross-cultural religious studies will better acquaint students with religious traditions, such as Islam, that are generally poorly understood in the western tradition and thus pose as […]