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With our expertise in data science and AI/ML

Healthcare Data and Analytics.
We help healthcare organizations to better use their data to improve patient outcomes.
Healthcare organizations have long recognized the value of the data across their organizations but struggle to harness that data to improve patient outcomes.
Caserta helps the leaders of healthcare organizations improve the way they have been making use of their data through detailed data and analytics assessments, actionable roadmaps, and advanced implementations.

Data-Driven Healthcare One Sheet We empower healthcare organizations to:

Deeply analyze research topics.
Gain access to and be able to integrate diverse data sets.
Easily adapt to evolving analytic needs.
Enabling data-driven medicine.
By harnessing our expertise, healthcare leaders are able to:.
Automatically abstract data and share it across the enterpriseUsing NLP and OCR techniques, we are able to extract and ingest important information embedded in text fields.
To easily share this abstracted data across the organization, we create data pipelines to ingest chart information that leads to a data warehouse, facilitating data sharing across teams and the enterprise at large.
Ingest and process unstructured dataBeing able to capture and perform analytics on unstructured data is critical to the future of healthcare.
With our expertise in data science and AI/ML, we enable healthcare organizations to ingest and analyze unstructured data from images, complex spreadsheets, genetic data, and IoT data from wearable devices.
Perform cohort exploration in user-friendly platformsProprietary medican data analytics platforms are clunky and hard to use.
Through our expertise in data lakes and business intelligence, we remove the constraints from these platforms to enable limitless speed-of-thought analysis.
Easily find data throughout the enterprise and facilitate self-service data discoveryMost organizations to not have a sufficient metadata management tool, making it difficult to find data when they need it.
We empower you with the ability to find available data and understand the value of that data.

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you have to see the potential of investing in the upfront cost to curate your data because you will get success if you can do that properly.
CDO & Chief Data Scientist, Leading Cancer Center Our clients choose us to elevate their care and save lives.
Our Areas of Expertise.
Big Data.
Modern Data Architecture.
Advanced Analytics and ML.
Data Visualization.
Data Warehousing.

Cloud Migration & Cloud Re-engineering

Business Intelligence.
Enterprise Data Management.
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Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing our world

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