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25 Mar March 25, 2020.
“In many schools today, the phrase “computer-aided instruction ” means making the computer teach the child.
One might say the computer is being.
Read More Jan 2017 Eight Big Ideas Behind the Construction ist Learning Lab.

Eight Big Ideas Behind the Constructionist Learning Lab By Dr

Seymour Papert (1999) From the Ph

Dissertation, .

“An Investigation of Constructionism in

Read More Jan 2017 January 26

“Connecting new knowledge to things you know and love, and things you think you can do, makes you feel good about it,.

Read More 17 Jan 2017 January 17

Seymour Papert makes several profound points in this very short clip from a 1991 conference keynote .
The complete video, along with its.

Read More 4 Jan 2017 Dr

Papert Goes to Washington.
Alan Kay and Seymour Papert testify before a rogue’s gallery of Congressional misfits and a clueless venture capitalist.
In October 1995,.
Read More A Heartfelt Tribute to Seymour Papert.
“The world lost an amazing wit, intellect, inventor, bricoleur, scholar, freedom fighter, .

And friend with the passing of Seymour Papert

He was.

Read More Seymour Papert on Logo

This commercial video, produced around 1986, .

Features Seymour Papert answering questions from teachers

This discussion explores many of Papert’s recurring themes of

Read More Papert Excerpt from MIT Media Lab Videodisc.
The following excerpt of Seymour Papert speaking comes from a videodisc produced by the MIT Media Lab circa 1986-87.
Transcript Seymour Papert:.
Read More Nov The Conservation of Piaget: The Computer as Grist to the Constructivist Mill.
The Conservation of Piaget: The Computer as Grist to the Constructivist Mill is an overlooked academic paper written by Seymour Papert in 1988.
Read More Seymour Papert Brings Robotics to Children & Classrooms.
Here is a promotional video produced by the Father of Educational Computing and the Maker Movement, Dr.
Seymour Papert, for the LEGO.
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