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Network Media Play ers.
Posts Categorised: Network Media Play ers.

2NeoDigits / Helios Network Media Players

Published 1st Dec 2010 by filed under Network Media Players

Last updated 4 Dec, 2012.

I recently had cause to resur­rect my old NeoDi­gits Helios X3000 net­work media play­er

and noticed that Helios have deceased.  Sadly this means links to their soft­ware and firm­ware are no longer avail­able.  Thanks to Ravi Srivast­ava and Sean on myce I was able to find altern­at­ive links, although as of Decem­ber 2012 these are no longer act­ive either.  For­tu­nately I grabbed everything whilst I still could.… Read Full Art­icle firmware, h4000, helios, neodigits, neolink, x3000, x5000.

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