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check out Digilent’s goodbye to Uno32

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Meet the chipKIT uC32.
The chipKIT uC32 has been around a while, but Fábio Souza at Embarcados has just published a brand new Overview which is worth a look.
The article is written in Portuguese; you should be able to use the “Translate” option in your browser to get the English version if needed.
Fábio’s article borrows some diagrams from Digilent’s excellent Resource Center , and also explains how to load chipKIT-core into the Arduino Boards Manager.
Thanks Fábio.
Note: The chipKIT uC32 is our full-featured, Uno-style board with 512K of Flash, 32K of RAM and 47 available I/O lines.
It’s fully compatible with Arduino IDE and MPLAB X IDE.

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2016October 14, 2016 NeedMoreCoffee , , Documentation/Resources Arduino, beginners, chipKIT uC32 1 Comment on Meet the chipKIT uC32 chipKIT Uno32 goodbye, welcome chipKIT uC32!.
chipKIT Uno32 is at the end of its product life cycle, but that only means that there is something better in its place.
Welcome the chipKIT uC32, identical to Uno32 but with four times more Flash and twice as much RAM.
The uC32 has been around for quite some time, so it’s nothing brand new, but it has certainly been a fan favorite, especially for those projects that require more memory.
If you want to learn more, check out Digilent’s goodbye to Uno32 , hello uC32 blog post.

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2015 , chipKIT uC32, chipKIT Uno32, end of life, EOL chipKIT LED Graduation Hat.
If you are graduating or you know someone graduating, help friends and family find the graduate in a crowd by making a unique graduation hat.
This “ Instructable ” guides you through the process to create a hat that will make you stand out in a crowd of boring graduation hats.
This tutorial uses a chipKIT uC32 and WS2812 LED (neopixel) strips.
Have fun.
And congratulations to all the graduates.

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2015 , , , chipKIT uC32, graduation hat, instructables, LEDs, tutorial Multiple Servos on chipKIT uC32.
Can you do it.
Yes you can.
James at Digilent has put together a post to show how you can run five or more servos on chipKIT uC32 quite easily, as long as you follow some guidelines.
The chipKIT Servo library makes the coding easy, so all you may have to worry about is the power consumption .
Read on to find out more .

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2015March 4, 2015 , , Libraries, Motor Control, Power, Robotics chipKIT uC32, libraries, motor control, power consumption, servos Light Painting with chipKIT uC32 and WS2812 LEDs.
Light painting with chipKIT uC32 and LED strip You have to admit, light painting is WAY cool, even if you’ve just done it low-tech style with a flashlight.
But on Digilent’s blog, you can learn how to light paint in a more “high-tech” way, if you will, with an LED strip (WS2812 LEDs) and a chipKIT uC32.
Check it out.

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2015 , , , chipKIT uC32, light painting, photography, WS2812 LEDs ASU Polytechnic Hackathon 2014.
PSoC Capacitive Touch Sense Pad connected to PSoC board If you didn’t get a chance to check out last weekend’s Hackathon, held at ASU Polytechnic campus, check out Vageesh’s summary.
Using a chipKIT uC32 and capacitive-sensing technology, his team began developing a hand-held object modeler/scanner.
Read more about it on his blog.

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2015February 26, 2015 , , , chipKIT Events, , , Internet of Things, Remote Control, Robotics, Sensors ASU Polytechnic, capacitive sensing, chipKIT uC32, event, hackathon, Microchip, Rossum Rumblers FM Radio Over I2C and Bluetooth Remote Control with chipKIT uC32.
Bluetooth Remote Controlled FM Radio using chipKIT uC32, Basic I/O Shield, and RDA5807M FM-stereo radio tuner As a follow-on post to yesterday’s post about the FM Radio with chipKIT uC32 and Basic I/O Shield, we are sharing the tutorial that adds Bluetooth® connectivity/remote control to your chipKIT FM radio tuner.
Check it out.

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2015February 3, 2015 , Audio, Bluetooth, , , Displays (LCD/LED/OLED), , Remote Control audio, Basic I/O Shield, bluetooth, chipKIT uC32, fm tuner, I2C, radio, RC, RDA5807M, remote control FM Radio Over I2C with chipKIT uC32 and Basic I/O Shield.
The RedAcacia blog does a fantastic job of putting together tutorials, and in this tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple, yet powerful, FM radio tuner using the chipKIT uC32 board, a chipKIT Basic I/O Shield and an RDA5807M FM-stereo, radio-tuner module communicating over the I²C™ protocol.
Thank you Tayeb.

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2015February 13, 2017 , Audio, , , audio, Basic I/O Shield, chipKIT uC32, fm tuner, I2C, radio, RDA5807M.

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