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2018-09-24: New beta (v1.0.6) release in Google Play

2020-02-14: v1.1.0 released.
Google Play link and direct download.
New Features: Insert audio clips into livestreams: Upload audio files to your Android device.
Start a livestream in Cool Mic.
Tap “Play Audio Clip”.
Select your file(s).
Livestream cuts to audio clip and is played in realtime – When clip finishes, live audio resumes.
Landscape layout.
Improvements: Fixes for various stability issues.
Improved UX.
Updated libshout version.
Lots of code cleanup.
2018-10-01: v1.0.6 now officially released in Google Play.
Also available for direct download.
See below for changes.
2018-09-24: New beta (v1.0.6) release in Google Play.
Also available for direct download.
Fixes include: “Livestream Stopped” toast no longer erroneously appears when quitting app if you are not currently livestreaming.
Input gain slider now has a label/description.
Input gain slider level now remembered between sessions.

2018-08-13: New beta (v1.0.5) release in Google Play

Also available for direct download.
New features include: Auto-Reconnect: If you drop connection to Icecast, .

Cool Mic will automatically reconnect (optional)

Input Volume Control: Adjust input levels to optimize your listeners’ experience.

2017-01-28: Official release – Please download now in Google Play

2016-11-29: Public Beta released in Google Play Store

2016-11-22: Release Candidate (v1.0 RC1) available for direct download (Not yet available in Google Play).
2016-10-12: Final beta available for direct download (Not yet available in Google Play).
New features include: Full Ogg/Opus audio streaming support, including passing metadata to Icecast and adjustable quality setting.
Switch between open-source audio codecs: Ogg/Vorbis and Ogg/Opus (Opus is used by default).
Many bugfixes and stability, performance improvements.
NOTE: This will likely be the last unofficial release before it arrives on Google Play.
Please download this final beta and contact us with any bug reports and/or general feedback.
We appreciate it.

We’re very proud of how Cool Mic has come along and hope you enjoy it too

2016-08-09: New beta version available for direct download (Not yet available in Google Play).
New features include: Graphical VU meter with update interval setting.
Active listener count.
Streamlined settings dialogue.

“Load CoolMic Test Server Data” to test Cool Mic on our Public Test Server

“QR Code Scan” function for automated configuration.

“Permission Check” to check Cool Mic permissions against Android

Bugs fixed: Metadata (Title + Artist) now being correctly passed to Icecast server.
Vorbis quality level setting now works correctly.
Various other bug fixes, stability improvements and look + feel changes.

2016-05-04: The Cool Mic Help menu has been revamped and better presented for mobile

The Coolmic-dev mailing list is now fully operational.
The Coolmic-user mailing list is now fully operational. website has been fully upgraded to SSL/TLS encryption by default.
2016-03-07: We are proud to announce our first preliminary release of the Cool Mic source code under the GNU GPLv3 open source license.
Please visit the Git repository for the Android version of Cool Mic here:
2016-02-17: New beta version available.
In preparing the codebase to be released on GitHub, we feel it a good idea to give you a glimpse of the first version which incorporates libshout.
If you’re able to download, test and report any issues you may encounter, we would greatly appreciate it.
Once we feel the code is sufficiently tested, we will be publishing to Google Play for the world to enjoy!.
Most Kickstarter rewards have been shipped.

Backers of Cool Mic crowdfunding campaign

please look forward to receiving your rewards by postal mail in the upcoming days.
2016-01-13: We’ve received our funds from Kickstarter and ordered rewards – soon to arrive to our awesome supporters.
A lot of progress is being made with the code and we anticipate releasing it on GitHub, and soon after Google Play, very soon for the world to enjoy!.
2015-12-18: Our Kickstarter campaign was a success.

Cool Mic with native libshout integration

Opus audio, SSL, listener count and VU meter coming soon to Google Play!.
2015-10-24: Shot Kickstarter video – currently in editing.
We’re getting closer!.
v0.4, 2015-02-05 Fixed the issue to show ‘Server details are not correct’ when user entered invalid username or password.
Removed the duplicate line of ‘Stopping the broadcasting’ when broadcast is stopped successfully.
Show a simple broadcast timer when actively broadcasting.
v0.3, 2015-01-30: Fixed issue of app crashing once user taps on Start Broadcast if user has entered invalid details in Connection configuration.
Fixed issue of app crashing if user enters an explicit ‘http://’ in Connection configuration and taps microphone image to copy broadcast URL.
v0.2, 2015-01-27: Handling of back button functionality when user is inside menus.
Now when user tap on back button on General, Audio, Connection settings pages, user will be moved to Home page.

Created a simple service for Cool Mic to handle the LED functionality

Now LED and Broadcasting will be stopped when user remove the app from Recent Apps list.
v0.1, 2015-01-20: Initial public beta release.
Copyright (C) 2014-2020, Logical Networking Solutions.

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