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LOOK: Ryan Lemond’s jail cell is looking great at KSBar and Grille

Ryan Lemond putts for prison on Monday evening, and his jail cell is finally ready to go at KSBar and Grille.
Thanks to the help of Casey Clark at Clarkmanship, Ryan will have a mini fortress to himself, toilet and all, if (and when) he misses any putts on Monday.
Here are just a few photos of the KSR co-host’s temporary living situation next week:

Drew Franklin is obviously very excited:

Holy Santa Claus shit Ryan’s jail is awesome.
— Drew Franklin (@DrewFranklinKSR) May 17, 2019

If you want to see how Ryan is preparing for his one shining moment, his Periscope is still available from his practice session a few days ago.

Ryan vs Drew putting challenge
— Ryan Lemond (@ryanlemond) May 15, 2019

I’d bet a pretty penny that he ends up staying multiple nights in that cell.