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Could one former Duke standout be recruiting former Kentucky star Anthony Davis to join him in Beantown?
At least one credible reporter believes so.
Kyrie Irving made headlines yesterday evening when he abruptly told season ticket holders at the Celtics’ annual Fan Fest that he planned on re-signing with Boston this offseason to stay with the franchise long-term.
“If you guys will have me back, I plan on re-signing here next year,” Irving told the crowd, drawing a standing ovation from the Boston faithful in attendance.
Almost immediately afterward, The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported Irving has already informed Celtics ownership that he is committed to staying in Boston long-term.

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Sources: Kyrie Irving has met with Celtics ownership and has been direct with his message to Boston's brass over past few months: He's committed long-term to the franchise.
— Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) October 4, 2018

Now committed to sticking around for the long haul, he’s hitting the recruiting trail to build a championship contender for years to come.
Jay King, a highly credible Boston beat writer for The Athletic, reports that Irving is actively recruiting Davis to the Celtics and the players have spoken about playing together in Boston.
“Several league sources have said they believe Davis could end up either with the Celtics or Lakers if the Pelicans were to move him,” said King. “If he landed with the Celtics, he’d be reunited with former Team USA teammate Irving. The two have already spoken about what it would be like to play together in Boston, according to a league source.”
We likely won’t hear anything about Davis’ future in New Orleans this season, but next offseason will be very telling about the former Kentucky star’s intentions with the organization going forward. He will be eligible to sign a five-year, $230-million supermax mega-extension next summer, the largest contract in NBA history. If New Orleans continues to float around the fringe-playoff/late-lottery range, Davis may feel his talent is better suited competing for a championship elsewhere and turn down the extension.
At that point, New Orleans would have no option but to trade him away, and the Celtics have the assets to make a deal for the MVP-caliber superstar. Danny Ainge has been salivating at the idea of bringing The Brow to Boston by any means necessary, and the opportunity to make that happen might be just around the corner.
At that point, there would be Dukies (Irving, Jayson Tatum), Cards (Terry Rozier), Jayhawks (Marcus Morris), Gators (Al Horford), and Wildcats (Davis) lining the roster to drop all rivalries and unite as one.
Call me crazy, but I’m all for it.
(The Athletic)

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